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A Column On Assistive & 'Boomer' Friendly Technology


When I was 30 years old the warranty on my body ran out. Systems started failing and tech support wasn't a whole lot of help. Re-booting wasn't an option and calls to the manufacturer.... Well let's just say the‘answers' are still a point of discussion. It's not like it was the‘blue screen of death' or anything, but it is chronic... (Multiple Sclerosis). It has caused me to have a different perspective on most things because where I sit.... is in a wheelchair.

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First up is a Toothbrush. Yes, a Toothbrush

The HydraBrush™ 

Let me confess that I am somewhat obsessive about cleaning my teeth. I'm one of those people that get a gold star from my dental hygienist. At times it is not an easy feat doing all the brushing and flossing. So when a colleague told me what he had seen at CES.  I was intrigued and of course skeptical about this product.

HydraBrush™ claims that I will get "whiter teeth, healthier gums, superior plaque removal, fresher breath and better check-ups using their brush".  Uh Huh! At first glance the design of the brushes was a little scary. There are two sets of brushes (four bristle heads) that are situated to cover top and bottom rows as well as the front and back of the teeth. I was pleased that the bristles fit easily on the head of the brush and positioned nicely in my mouth.

The HydraBrush™ comes with two sets (four each) of brushes. The red one hbheads.jpgis Ultra Soft and is suggested when you first use the HydraBrush to let your gums gently get to a clean healthy state. The instructions told me not to be alarmed by the little bit of bleeding I noticed at first as this is normal and soon stopped with continued use. I guess my teeth and gums were not as clean and healthy as I thought.

After a few days I switched to the blue set of the Standard Soft brushes that gave me a thorough cleaning and a massaging of my gums, and just as the manual said, with no bleeding. It appears they might be on to something.

When I turn it on, HydraBrush ™ goes to work. In a short amount of time (less than 60 seconds) and with little effort, my teeth and gums are clean.

The handle is lightweight and easy to maneuver which is important to me and to anyone experiencing some weakness or fatigue.  I noticed that the unit only requires a charge every two weeks - that's with two people using it twice a day.  I just plug in the A/C adapter and it recharges overnight.

This is the first brush that I look forward to using. Its unique design cleans my teeth and gums so well that I feel as if I have just left the dentist's chair instead of my bathroom sink. The only issues I have are minor at best. The 3 position power switch (off-hi-lo) is a little challenging for someone like myself, and the stand and charger configuration could use a little work also. These items in no way affect the tremendous job this does for your overall dental hygiene. OK, if you haven't figured it out yet, I really like this product.

It gets a bluestar.gif bluestar.gif bluestar.gif bluestar.gif halfstar.jpg rating from me.

Available on the HydraBrush website as well as Amazon at a price of $99.95.

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