Saturday, April 20, 2024
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A Column On Assistive & 'Boomer' Friendly Technology


When I was 30 years old the warranty on my body ran out. Systems started failing and tech support wasn't a whole lot of help. Re-booting wasn't an option and calls to the manufacturer.... Well let's just say the‘answers' are still a point of discussion. It's not like it was the‘blue screen of death' or anything, but it is chronic... (Multiple Sclerosis). It has caused me to have a different perspective on most things because where I sit.... is in a wheelchair.

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From Where I Sit

A New Column On Assistive & 'Boomer' Friendly Technology

Over the years I have made adjustments to my home, office, car etc.  For what I paid for my wheelchair accessible van I could have been happily driving a new top-of-the-line sports car. Oh well! 

With so many disabled adults as well as aging baby boomers in this country, many advances have been made in an attempt to level the playing field. There are times, however, when I wish the designers of some of these devices were put in a wheelchair and asked to demonstrate their accessibility.

To items claiming to be "handicapped accessible", I say, "I'll be the judge of that". To other items that appeal to the aging Boomer population, well.... I'll be the judge of that too, but I just may be a bit more forgiving in my opinions.

Let Me Tell You Where to Put Your Hearts and Flowers

It's important that you understand that this column is not a cry for sympathy. The title of this section should tell you that. My goal is to utilize products and give you an honest opinion of how well they work for me.