Monday, December 04, 2023
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Tech Industry Perspective

Web Development Tools

Neat Development Tools for the Web

{A little over 2 years ago Adobe systems bought Macromedia and added their Flash software to an already impressive repertoire of applications. Since then, there has been much discussion regarding what direction Adobe would take with this very popular development platform. Contributing Editor Stan Coplan adds his thoughts and expands on the web development tools sector for 2008. ed}

If you were worried about what Adobe would do with Macromedia's Flash and other tools fear not.  Thermo is on the way.  Will Thermo replace Flash?  From what I can tell the answer is no.  Thermo will produce output that feeds Flex Builder. Flex Builder is an Adobe programming tool used to produce the SWF files that play in flash. Thermo will take your layered Photoshop files as input and produce MXML (XAML) output for use in Flex Builder. MXML and XAML and similar XML formats are used to describe a user interface (UI) in a human readable but very structured format.

As part of the conversion process it is easy to transform a text field from Photoshop into a text-input field for Flex Builder. In fact there are many possible transformations available. This makes it very easy to convert a graphic design directly into a mix of graphics and programming components.  So the hand-off from design to programming should be very smooth, much better than what we have available today, if Thermo lives up to its promise. It’s possible that MXML and XAML will replace CSS, and the browser will become a container for Flash or Microsoft's Silverlight.  Of course, that could all be changed by new products like Adobe AIR that bridge the desktop-web divide.

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Directions 2008

How we see 2008

Traditionally we have always done a ‘Predictions’ piece sometime just before year’s end. In it we take our crystal balls firmly in hand, don our silicon turban and prognosticate on the future of various aspects of the tech industry.wizard60.jpg

This year we didn’t.

We just weren’t seeing anything that exciting on the horizon and we made an editorial decision to wait until after the first salvo of trade shows to see if there was something we were missing and go from there. Well we’ve had 6 weeks or so to settle into 2008, take a deep breath and scope out the industry.

There are some exciting things happening, such as the bid by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo and the ever improving and proliferating tools to put more and more and more (and more) content on the web.  To that end, we have asked two of our resident wizards, Analyst Amy Wohl and Contributing Editor Stan Coplan to give us their take on the areas of mergers and acquisitions, SAAS (software as a service), and all those neat development tools for the web. All that being said, as far as hardware is concerned, I still feel that 2008 will be….


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