Saturday, July 13, 2024
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zBoost Mobile1 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Do you everbox

  1. Travel (drive, train etc.) and find yourself losing cell service?
  2. Hike, bike ride (motor or pedal), explore only to find yourself in a cell service black hole? 
  3. Find yourself in the woods, in a tent, with a bear....and sketchy cell phone service? ...
  4. ... Up a creek, with or without a paddle, and barely one bar on your cell phone?

Who ya' gonna' call???




Cause you don't have a signal...unless...

you have the zBoost ZB245 mobile 1 cell phone signal booster.


 If a Cell Phone makes a call in the forest....


We have all experienced those times when the signal on worlds end trailour cell phone is less than desirable. If it's at a specific location, such as your home, or a portion of it, there are devices to remedy that. We tested one a while back from zBoost and it worked beautifully. But what if you're in your car? Let's say your daily commute or a road trip you're planning leaves you with the ugly reality of negligable cell service. Let's say you're tired of finding out you've been talking to yourself for several minutes. zBoost has an economical product for that too; the zBoost Mobile 1 in vehicle cell phone signal booster (ZB245) ($89.99)


What's in the Box?


The zb245 is a simple device, both to install and operate. zb245contentsThe package comes with everything you need.

  •  zBoost phone cradle for hands-free operation
  • Adhesive dash-mount bracket with swivel base
  • Power adaptor with USB cable
  • External magnetic mount antenna with cable

It will only take about 5 minutes to do a quick install and setup. zBoost outlines 5 simple steps with more detailed installation options explained in the manual.


 1: Place the magnetic-mount antenna on the outside of vehicle install diagram


 2: Run the cable from the antenna to the inside of the vehicle and connect to the zBoost Mobile1 cradle


 3: Plug in the power adaptor and connect it to the cradle using the USB cable


 4: Connect the provided dash-mount to the cradle and use adhesive to attach to dashboard


 5: Place phone in cradle and connect with your wired hands-free device or Bluetooth headset


Now step number 5 is there for a couple of reasons. First, if you are going to use your cell phone while you it hands free. This is why we have all these wonderful bluetooth headsets and speakers (editors note: review coming soon about some nice items from Jabra). Secondly, the booster only works with the phone in the cradle.


OK, does it Work?


Yes, quite well and with all types of cell phones and carriers. The zBoost Mobile 1 is a dual band booster and is capable of capturing and enhancing signals from all of today's major carriers. zBoost offers an accessory kit, the ZB246 ($32.99), that will allow you to convert the Mobile 1 for indoor use (think apartment, basement, man cave etc.)

The coolest part is something that zBoost doesn't currently boast about on their website but we had the opportunity to try. Plug the ZB245 into an external power supply like the ones you use to give your cell phone an extra charge and you can take it anywhere. Think about it. Long bike rides, hikes even a boat trip. The only caveat is to make sure the antenna is not placed to close to the cradle. There's an indicator light on the unit that will turn green when you have sufficient distance.


So take it for a hike....hiking1


Stick it in your canoe...nopaddle


Go see if what they say about bears is true...Shit Creek.



As long as there is even a small signal and you have the zBoost Mobile 1, you're good to go.



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